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    At Morning Pep we are proud to present to you organic raw cocoa powder with our Guaranteed 10-12% cocoa butter that is made from 100% organic raw cocoa. Unlike nutrients that are lost in the refinement of Cocoa and chocolate, Morning Pep Cocoa Powder is a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals, contributing to a well balanced diet. Experts have said that like apple, cocoa can equally help keep the doctor away.
    Our Cocoa Powder is rich in taste with a dark woody flavor, yet a guilty free treat for diabetics. The process we use eliminates the bitterness found in other cocoa powders.
    Morning Pep’s cocoa powder is alkalized to ensure quick and easy dissolving in hot or cold water. Try using Morning Pep Cocoa Powder for all your baking needs. Suitable for brownies, cookies and some chocolate cakes. Also great for smoothies, drinks or for plain ol’ hot cocoa.

    Product Features

    -100% Certified Organic Raw Cocoa Powder
    -Unrefined and totally pure
    -Rich in antioxidants
    -Source of Dietary Fiber
    -High in essential vitamins and
    -Certified Non-GMO, Gluten Free,
    -Dairy Free
    -Certified Kosher
    -Suitable for Diabetics and Vegans

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