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CLA Is A Unique Naturally Occurring Fatty Acid That Has Gained Its Publicity For Its Unbelievable Weight Management And Body Fat Reduction Ability. 
Morning Pep CLA Is Derived From 1,250 Mg Of Non Gmo Safflower Oil And Standardized To 80% Potency 
Featuring A 1,000 Mg Of Active Cla In A Liquid Softgel For Superior Quality And Absorption.

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 Morning Pep CLA Supplement Is Made From BOVINE GELATIN Which Is the Best Source of SoftGel Gelatin according To the Latest Studies. 
 Morning Pep CLA Supplement Has Multiple Health Benefits Such As Healthy Immune System, Anti-inflammatory And Healthy Hair, Skin And Nails. 
 Morning Pep CLA Supplement May Help Maintain Healthy BMI And Decreases Number And Size Of Adipocytes Lowering Body Fat Mass. 
 Morning Pep CLA Supplement Increases The Rate At Which Fat Cells Disintegrate, Reducing The Number Of Existing Fat Cells In the Body. 
 Morning Pep CLA Supplement Increases Activity Of The Enzyme Cpt causing Fat to burn Faster, Leaving Less Of It In the Body. 
 Morning Pep CLA Supplement Supports Cardiovascular And Bone Health, Maintains Healthy Blood And Cholesterol, 
 Morning Pep CLA Supplement Blocks Fat From Being Storage In Cells, And Burns existing Fat. 
 Morning Pep CLA Supplement Is Manufactured And Packaged In The Usa