Morning Pep Xylitol

At Morning Pep we are proud to bring you this 100% sugar free natural birch xylitol sweetener. Xylitol is a type of sweetener called a sugar alcohol. It is a naturally occurring alcohol found in most plant material and in many fruits and vegetables. Due to its many amazing benefits xylitol is the number 1 widely used sugar substitute. Birch trees are a slender fast-growing tree that has thin bark. The sap from the birch tree contains vital vitamins and minerals. It is rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, phosphorous, iron, sodium, and amino acids. It is also rich in vitamin C and B-vitamins like thiamine. The buds of the birch tree contain antibiotic and diuretic properties while the bark contains digestive, diuretic, and anti-pyretic properties. Xylitol extracted from birch are of highest quality and benefit. Morning Pep xylitol is 100% birch extracted.


Made in the USA

Unlike other sweeteners which comes from places such as China or other Asian countries Morning Pep Xylitol comes from the United States.

Made From Pure Birch

Morning Pep xylitol is derived purely of birch. We do not make it out of corn or other materials that may edit the end result-%100 nutrition.

Tastes Exactly Like Sugar

Morning Pep Xylitol has no aftertaste whatsoever due to the fact that it is not chemically made which gives it the fullest advantages.

Pure Sugar-like Texture

Morning Pep xylitol is made out of sugar crystals and is not a powder like substance, thereby providing the feel and texture of real sugar.